Alexander Cranbrook

Company Director

Alexander, a seasoned retired barrister, boasts an impressive career spanning over 30 years, during which he was a prominent member of a leading set of chambers in London. While handling a multitude of serious criminal cases, he found his true specialization in financial and contract law. Throughout his career, Alexander has offered comprehensive legal counsel on matters concerning takeovers, mergers, and fundraising, earning a reputation for his expertise in these complex areas. In addition to his legal accomplishments, Alexander has actively contributed to the legal community through his extensive lecturing engagements. He has shared his vast knowledge and experience with aspiring barristers as he lectured for the esteemed General Council of the Bar. His focus areas for these lectures have included County Court and Commercial Court procedure, providing invaluable guidance to pupils seeking to excel in their legal careers.

Steve Cowans

Independent Financial Consultant

Steve Cowans MLIA (Dip) - International Independent Financial Consultant Steve is a highly regarded International Financial Consultant and has over 30 years' experience working in the Financial Services Market. Over the course of his career, Steve has worked for Barclays Wealth, Prudential, and NatWest and over the last fifteen years has branched out into the International Market working alongside some of the most highly regarded financial services companies in the world. Steve has a vast wealth of experience across the board specialising in both financial planning and investment advice for clients in later life and is also an investment specialist putting together effective and workable tailored investment plans for clients.

Oliver Vizard

Senior Partner

0203 398 1570


I'm a big sports fanatic with a particular passion for F1, golf, and horse racing. I also enjoy indulging in good food, especially when complemented by a fine bottle of wine. This passion for fine alcohol led to a career in a large wine and whisky company, where I flourished and quickly managed a team. I was then headhunted by Irish Trading Whiskey to join as a partner, where I contribute valuable experience to bolster our offerings.

Brandon Gallagher

Senior Partner

As a Senior Partner at Irish Trading Whiskey, I bring nearly a decade of experience from one of the UK's largest fine wine and whiskey investment firms, where I expertly managed client portfolios and relationships. My half-Irish heritage and family connections in Ireland enrich my role, providing deep local ties and a profound understanding of the culture. I prioritize face-to-face client engagement, traveling extensively across the UK and the U.S. to foster strong personal connections. Beyond work, I indulge my passions for mountain hiking, skydiving, fitness, and exploring cutting-edge technology.

Harry Roberts

Senior Partner

With nearly a decade of industry experience, I was headhunted by ITW from one of the largest Scotch companies in the UK, highlighting my dedication and expertise. As a Senior Partner of the firm, I leverage my fluency in Spanish, acquired from growing up in Spain, to enhance both professional and personal interactions. A passionate traveler, I find Italy to be my favorite destination for its rich culture and culinary delights. I am committed to continuous learning and bringing innovative solutions to every challenge.

Alex Rout

Senior Account Manager

0203 100 2692

With almost a decade of experience in the rare whiskey market, I am a seasoned professional who has honed my expertise in this niche and fascinating industry. As a Senior Account Manager, my primary focus is on client management, ensuring that each client's unique needs and preferences are met with precision and care. My role allows me to blend my passion for rare whiskey with my commitment to building and nurturing strong client relationships.Outside of my professional life, I am an avid outdoor enthusiast. I find joy in hiking and camping, relishing the serenity and challenge that nature provides. Additionally, I have a keen interest in aviation and the innovation that drives the industry.Through my diverse interests and professional dedication, I strive to bring a unique perspective and a high level of expertise to every aspect of my work and personal endeavors.

Lewis Warren

Account Manager

With a deep-rooted passion for calisthenics and a commitment to personal growth through spirituality, I bring a holistic approach to both my professional and personal life. Over the past five years, I have honed my expertise in client relations, cultivating strong and lasting relationships that have been instrumental in my success. My market experience, particularly in running a successful landscaping business, has provided me with a keen understanding of client needs and business operations. This, combined with a refined appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in whiskey production, showcases my diverse interests and my ability to connect with clients on various levels, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty in every endeavor

William Ali

Junior Account Manager

With three years of sales experience and a Level 3 business qualification, I bring a solid professional background to the table. My hobbies include boxing and working out at the gym, which keep me disciplined and focused. In my leisure time, I enjoy traveling, especially to the south of France, and relaxing in the countryside whenever possible. These activities not only provide a perfect balance to my work life but also enrich my overall perspective.