We are Irish Trading Whiskey

Drawing from our family’s extensive connections, we have forged meaningful relationships with some of the most esteemed Irish whiskey producers, paving the way for a seamless supply of Irish whiskey to the UK markets and beyond. Through this remarkable arrangement, our clients are granted access to purchase whiskey directly from the distilleries, becoming part of an exclusive inner circle.With a dedicated team of industry professionals, seasoned whiskey experts, and local workers and suppliers, we have the ability to facilitate direct connections between distilleries and UK businesses, as well as private clients.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Will Be My Yearly Return In Whiskey Investment?

Over the past five years, casks have earned an average of 13.4% per annum. The average cask doubles in value every 5 years, with older casks and casks from popular distilleries earning even higher returns. At Irish Trading Whiskey, we pride ourselves on achieving a benchmark of 10-14% per year, ensuring the potential for strong growth.


Is Whiskey a Safe Investment?

Yes, whiskey has proven to be a safe and consistent investment over the past few decades. Instead of decreasing during periods of economic downturn, historically, whiskey casks have increased in value; the maturation process allows whiskey to ride through difficult times whilst still increasing in value. Instead of the cask values rising and falling violently with political and economic changes like the traditional stock market, whiskey is left to mature in the cask, only to appreciate in value. This steady appreciation sets whiskey apart from the volatile fluctuations of traditional markets.


Why Is Whiskey Tax Free?

Whiskey investment offers a unique advantage in terms of taxation. When it comes time to sell your whiskey portfolio, any increase in value your cask(s) have gained over the time you've held them is entirely exempt from capital gains tax. The Inland Revenue classifies whiskey as a 'wasting chattel/wasting asset,' given its shelf life of 50 years or less. This classification means you're not obligated to pay any form of tax on your profits.


Do I Own My Whiskey Cask?

Absolutely, you own the cask of whiskey you invest in and are provided with the necessary documentation from the distillery to validate your asset ownership. Irish Trading Whiskey ensures complete asset ownership, and your investment is securely stored and insured under our vigilant care.


How Long Do I Need To Hold My Cask Of Whiskey For?

The maturation period can vary depending on the type of whiskey, the age of the cask, and your investment goals. However, we recommend holding your cask for a minimum of 3-5 years to capitalise on optimal growth and returns. Due to the nature of the investment, the older your cask gets and longer you can hold it for, the greater the returns.