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What Will Be My Yearly Return In Whiskey Investment?

Over the past five years, casks have earned an average of 13.4% per annum. The average cask doubles in value every 5 years, with older casks and casks from popular distilleries earning even higher returns. At Irish Trading Whiskey, we pride ourselves on achieving a benchmark of 10-14% per year, ensuring the potential for strong growth.


Is Whiskey a Safe Investment?

Yes, whiskey has proven to be a safe and consistent investment over the past few decades. Instead of decreasing during periods of economic downturn, historically, whiskey casks have increased in value; the maturation process allows whiskey to ride through difficult times whilst still increasing in value. Instead of the cask values rising and falling violently with political and economic changes like the traditional stock market, whiskey is left to mature in the cask, only to appreciate in value. This steady appreciation sets whiskey apart from the volatile fluctuations of traditional markets.


Why Is Whiskey Tax Free?

Whiskey investment offers a unique advantage in terms of taxation. When it comes time to sell your whiskey portfolio, any increase in value your casks) have gained over the time you've held them is entirely exempt from capital gains tax. The Inland Revenue classifies whiskey as a wasting chattel/wasting asset, given its shelf life of 50 years or less. This classification means you're not obligated to pay any form of tax on your profits.


Do I Own My Whiskey Cask?

Absolutely, you own the cask of whiskey you invest in and are provided with the necessary documentation from the distillery to validate your asset ownership. Irish Trading Whiskey ensures complete asset ownership, and your investment is securely stored and insured under our vigilant care.


How Long Do I Need To Hold My Cask Of Whiskey For?

The maturation period can vary depending on the type of whiskey, the age of the cask, and your investment goals. However, we recommend holding your cask for a minimum of 3-5 years to capitalise on optimal growth and returns. Due to the nature of the investment, the older your cask gets and longer you can hold it for, the greater the returns.

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Become an official partner of Irish Trading Whiskey. We are a leading distributor, specialising in the sale and distribution of some of Irelands most exclusive whiskey producers. We are also proud to be the sole distributor of Ireland’s first and only 100% carbon-neutral distillery. We connect UK businesses with Irish whiskey distilleries which we are fortunate enough to have world exclusivity.

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Fine & rare

Denotes an exclusive category within the world of whiskey, comprising bottles of exceptional quality and scarcity. These are not just ordinary spirits; they are coveted treasures, often sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Each bottle in this elite class possesses a unique story, whether it's a limited edition release, a vintage find, or a product of unparalleled craftsmanship. Investing in fine and rare whiskeys offers not only the pleasure of tasting exceptional spirits but also the opportunity to own a piece of history and potentially witness appreciation in value over time.


Truly hands-off

Signifies a hassle-free and effortless approach to whiskey investment. In this context, it refers to a seamless investment experience where the investor can entrust the management and growth of their whiskey portfolio to experts, without the need for constant oversight or intervention. With a truly hands-off approach, investors can enjoy the benefits of whiskey investment without the complexities of day-to-day management, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their lives while their investment flourishes in capable hands.


High performing asset

Whiskey as an investment with a track record of delivering impressive returns. In the realm of alternative investments, whiskey stands out as a resilient and lucrative option, often outperforming traditional assets like stocks and bonds. Its enduring popularity, coupled with limited supply and increasing global demand, positions whiskey as a high-performing asset capable of generating significant wealth appreciation over time. Investors seeking diversification and long-term growth potential recognize whiskey as a valuable addition to their investment portfolios, offering both financial rewards and the pleasure of owning a tangible, appreciating asset.


Financially Minded

Underscores the strategic approach to whiskey investment, appealing to investors who prioritize sound financial decisions and wealth accumulation. With a financially minded perspective, investors recognize whiskey as more than just a beverage—it's a tangible asset with the potential for substantial returns. By leveraging market insights, historical data, and expert guidance, financially minded investors capitalize on opportunities within the whiskey market to grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals. Whiskey investment aligns perfectly with this mindset, offering a pathway to diversification, capital appreciation, and long-term financial security.

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* You must be 18 or over to order with Irish Trading Whiskey| 1. Whiskey cask investments are unregulated in the UK | 2. The value of investments is variable and can go down as well as up | 3. Fees apply and these are outlined in our terms and conditions | 4. The volume of spirit will decrease over time, commonly known as ‘the Angels’ share’, see website for more details.