Connacht's Story

The tale of the Connacht Distillery originates from the untamed, rough terrain of County Mayo, on Ireland’s northwest coast, nestled in the Connacht province.

The defunct Duffy’s Bakery site in Ballina, seen by Master Distiller Robert Cassell and his team as an opportunity for Irish whiskey, underwent meticulous renovation, launching whiskey production in 2016.

Poised where the fresh, pure water of the River Moy races to merge with the salt-kissed Atlantic Ocean, the maturation of our whiskey in the barrels is constantly shaped by the fluctuating atmospheric pressure.

Residing on the scenic banks of the River Moy as it expands into the Moy Estuary in Ballina, County Mayo, Connacht Distillery is where we distil and age our spirits. Our distillery embraces a coastal, rural environment that perfectly captures the unique spirit of Ireland’s west coast.

Inside the distillery

The Connacht Distillery stands as a fully integrated 2500m2 facility. There, they manage every process in-house: from mashing preparation to fermentation, distillation, aging, and bottling of their spirits.

The distillery accommodates three copper pot stills, which were uniquely designed by their Master Distiller, Robert Cassell, with the single-minded intent of producing exceptional whiskey. These stills were crafted to their specifications in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by the highly experienced Specific Mechanical Systems. The structure of these stills, especially their necks and heads, differ from others used in Ireland, guaranteeing a whiskey that is unique and extraordinary in its taste and profile.

Connacht Distillery not only takes pride in their one-of-a-kind stills but also treasures their malt handling and brewing equipment manufactured by Rolec in Germany, a renowned craft brewing equipment maker. The custom-made machinery harmoniously blends the high efficiency and capacity of modern beer brewing with the traditional brewing and fermentation techniques essential for creating fine whiskey.

The distillery’s barrel room serves as a sanctuary for casks brimming with their whiskey, allowing it to age gracefully. The Irish whiskey at Connacht never leaves their possession and stays nestled along the banks of the Moy, reaping the benefits of the distinctive terroir of their western Irish locale.


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