Ahascragh Story

Ahascragh Distillers is an Irish Family business with a goal of producing Irish spirits with innovation, transparency and flair. We are passionate about distilling some of the first zero-emissions spirits in Ireland and helping family and friends celebrate meaningful moments and occasions with quality Irish whiskey and gin from the West of Ireland.

Ahascragh Distillery is powered using high temperature heat pumps, an energy efficient storage system and renewable energy including wind, solar and hydro. A first for the industry!

The old Ahascragh mill dates back to the early 1800s and up until the 1950s processed grain into flour. Located in the heart of the village and steeped in history, the mill complex remained derelict for the past 60 years. The building has been given a new life and is now home to Ireland’s first zero-emissions distillery of this scale.

Watch: Inside Ahascragh

Meet the founders

A husband-and-wife team from Dublin, Gareth and Michelle McAllister have lived and worked in countries across the world. They returned to Ireland with the dream of turning their passion for craft Irish spirits into a family business. When they visited the old mill in Ahascragh, County Galway, they fell in love with its story: the beautiful stonework, the history of the buildings and the character of countryside.

They have put together a team at Ahascragh Distillery that share their mission to help family and friends celebrate meaningful moments and occasions.


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