Our Distilleries

Unveiling the Essence of Irish Whiskey

At Irish Trading Whiskey, we proudly distribute for some of Ireland’s most exceptional distilleries. These distilleries are dedicated to revitalising the reputation of Irish whiskey, infusing their heart and soul into every drop, resulting in some of the finest offerings in the market. Moreover, they remain committed to sustainability, cherishing the picturesque landscapes that embrace their distilleries.

With unwavering support from their founders and businesses, these distilleries continue their remarkable work, extending their generosity to those who contribute to their success. By providing engaging tours, tastings, and samples, among other benefits, they ensure that the people involved in building these distilleries are well taken care of. It is this genuine devotion to their craft and community that defines the heart and soul of Irish whiskey.

Galway, Ireland

Ahascragh Distillery

Galway, Ireland

Connacht Distillery



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