A distinguished family-run Whiskey distributor. We are Irish Trading Whiskey.

Meet the board

Alexander Cranbrook

Alexander, a seasoned retired barrister, boasts an impressive career spanning over 30 years, during which he was a prominent member of a leading set of chambers in London. While handling a multitude of serious criminal cases, he found his true specialization in financial and contract law. Throughout his career, Alexander has offered comprehensive legal counsel on matters concerning takeovers, mergers, and fundraising, earning a reputation for his expertise in these complex areas.

In addition to his legal accomplishments, Alexander has actively contributed to the legal community through his extensive lecturing engagements. He has shared his vast knowledge and experience with aspiring barristers as he lectured for the esteemed General Council of the Bar. His focus areas for these lectures have included County Court and Commercial Court procedure, providing invaluable guidance to pupils seeking to excel in their legal careers.

Steve Cowans MLIA (Dip) – International Independent Financial Consultant

Steve is a highly regarded International Financial Consultant and has over 30 years’ experience working in the Financial Services Market.

Over the course of his career, Steve has worked for Barclays Wealth, Prudential, and NatWest and over the last fifteen years has branched out into the International Market working alongside some of the most highly regarded financial services companies in the world.

Steve has a vast wealth of experience across the board specialising in both financial planning and investment advice for clients in later life and is also an investment specialist putting together effective and workable tailored investment plans for clients.

Embracing Sustainability: Partnering with Eco Distilleries for a Greener Future

Much like many of you, we have conscious concern for green renewable energy, therefore the distilleries we’ve selected to partner with share our values. Eco distilleries are powered by renewable energy, using innovative technology. Our passion for the environment has meant that we work with some of the first carbon neutral distilleries in Ireland.

We are Irish Trading Whiskey

Irish Trading Whiskey is a distinguished family-run whiskey distributor, specialising in offering an exclusive selection of Ireland’s finest whiskey producers. We take immense pride in being the sole distributor for Ireland’s pioneering and exceptional 100% carbon-neutral distillery.

Our primary focus is on fostering strong connections between UK businesses and a carefully curated group of established and emerging collectors, providing them with the unique opportunity to access Irish whiskey distilleries that we hold exclusive rights to.

Drawing from our family’s extensive connections, we have forged meaningful relationships with some of the most esteemed Irish whiskey producers, paving the way for a seamless supply of Irish whiskey to the UK markets and beyond. Through this remarkable arrangement, our clients are granted access to purchase whiskey directly from the distilleries, becoming part of an exclusive inner circle.

With a dedicated team of industry professionals, seasoned whiskey experts, and local workers and suppliers, we have the ability to facilitate direct connections between distilleries and UK businesses, as well as private clients. The renaissance of Irish whiskey has been remarkable, positioning it as the fastest-growing premium spirit worldwide, with projected sales doubling by 2030.

At the core of our foundation is a single idea: to share the beauty of Irish Whiskey with clients globally. We aim to not only introduce our clients to the pleasure of the product but also offer the rewarding experience of new fill and wholesale cask ownership. Our approach centres around building enduring relationships with some of the world’s finest Irish distilleries, meticulously attending to every detail to provide our clients with absolute peace of mind.


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